Summer is gone...

Been a while since I've written anything now. Had a pretty unusual summer...seemed more like a really long autumn really. But I'm not complaining. I love autumn! :) This summer I've been healing myself. I've also helped my mum out with her place. Took a few pics of it so as soon as I get them sorted I'll put them out. I've gone swimming, ripped my pants (fatfatfat), licked some sun. & even met rude old people who think they have the right to get in front of the matter where they are. & I don't really care if they are disabled or whatnot...if you act like a huge piece of turd you most likely ARE one. & I'll treat you accordingly. :) I've also gotten bloody tired of people telling me what music I need to listen too. I like what I like! I can listen to metal, classical & pop. It doesn't make me any less...or more...of whatever I am. :) Music can lift you out of a hole...& it can ground you if needed. So I'm using it... Just like when I lay my head upon someone's chest & just listen to the heartbeat. It's soothing. :) So get off my back with that ey? ;) I've also been blessed with spending loads of time with my youngest niece  this summer. She's so amazing. A word keep popping into my mind whenever I think of her... Demure. :) So...loads of thing's have happened. I'll probably write about it soon. Decided to post a blog in the beginning of each week, starting next week. Cause I know I'm crap at keeping in touch with my friends & family. So this will be a chance for them to see what I'm up to. ^^



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