Mamma dearest...

This is a birthday present for my mum. Her hallway was just wood...wood everywhere! & it swallowed any light that entered. She really  hated the green I chose. It was the darkest one on the "olive branch". Reminded me of a military olive'ish kinda green. & I basically told her to zip it & trust me. :P The pics I have are really crap. Cause my cell was full of pics & they kinda get smaller as I take save some room. :P But I really don't care. :) It is what it is...& so on. ;P

Her door shouldn't really have been used as a front door in my opinion. Cause I think it's more of a cellar kinda thing. BUT we have to make the most out of what we have...sooo I painted it white. Then took a cheap ass frame she had laying around & nailed it to the inside of her door. :) Painted that white also...then put up her favorite knocker. She got it in Greece a lifetime ago...& she loves it. So why not put it up somewhere? :) She also likes to have her door open when it's sunny her dog gets to run in & out while she's face down in her vegetables, etc. I kinda like it that the knocker is on the inside...cause then people can use that instead of the doorbell. Blablabla...

The oil paint was aaaaawful!! BUT they said they couldn't mix exactly that color in water based...soooo I couldn't stray from my plan now could I? :P

I mixed some paint my mum already had laying around...& it turned out really great. A warm white color. & then I put up some pics of my great- & great great grandparents. + 3 pictures of her grandchildren to greet her when she comes home. :) The floors & stairs will get ripped out & changed...cause the ones that's there now is really shitty. I was thinking about either some warm wood on the floor & a brownish grey on the stairs. Have to wait & see a bit... But I'm not finished...I've also started on the bathroom upstairs +++. Hope I can get to the kitchen before it gets too cold. :) It's nice walking back & forth to her house.

This is my mum & my youngest niece. + my fingers holding a mushroom. ^^ I have to take pictures of my mum when she's not looking or else she gets really weird. :P 
Well...this is the mamma dearest update. :) With some shite pics & loads of blabla'ing. ;) To be continued far in the future. ;)



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