Life is good!

I've purposely held off from writing anything till I got the results from the hospital. & my doctor called today & gave me two thumbs up. Nothing wrong with my kidneys! I'm happier than a playboy bunny! (I keep on saying that don't I? ...but it's true. :P) So I'm on a little less medication now...& ready to conquer the world. Well... Baby steps at least. :) I've had major nightmares about my doctor telling me I have a rare kind of cancer. Woke up balling my eyes out, covered in sweat. NOT what I'd call a particularly good morning. It made me think of my brother. Actually think I've been guilty that an amazing creature like him is gone & I'm still here. Some part of me have wanted to suffer like  him. Maybe even been longing for death. But I know & have known for a long time that the only way to honor his life is to live my the fullest. :) When you're sick there's not much you can do...but now that I'm somewhat in the clear of anything really - The world is my playground. & I'm gonna go out there & get people skills again. :P Cause I'm lousy at that atm. Gonna pick up the red threads from my "old life" & leave the worn & torn behind. Create a new garment. & wear it like no other ever could.



Sophie said…
: D klem fra Sophie
Linn said…
Søøøøtnoooos!!! & så fin blogg du har! <3

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