So...it's the beginning of 'next week' & I LOVE banana mango yoghurt! :P Just tasted it & was definitively yummy in my tummy! ...all the candles are lit & I'm listening to The Pretty Reckless. When I went outside this morning I got a whiff of autumn. I  ran upstairs, opened the windows & put on the kettle...then crawled back under the covers with a cup of tea & an interior mag. :P Oooh yeah I like it when that warm cosy feeling creeps up inside me. ;P Hehe. 

Got a new/old bike this summer. With the basket in front & it's black & looovely. :P I even use a helmet. xD I look like a giant black mushroom...but it's alright. I don't wanna be one of them who bitch about others not using a helmet in traffic & then become one of them. I'll rather look slightly in need of support wheels. o.O I've used it to the beach, store & just for recreation. & I must say that my stamina is really not what it used to be. :P Get all red in the face & wanna cry if I see a hill. Woooho!

The first real swim  in the ocean was rather cold. But I had loads of fun with my family. ^^ Except for the shitters that had littered all over. But we found a nice little spot in the sun & made sandcastles & BBQd. I still got burned used 50 + sunBLOCK...so when I saw this young mum having her daughter out in the sun without anything on I kinda flipped. :p

This was a great day in a place called Halden. :) We where in the woods & in the center of 'town' & creativity blossomed! ;) I kinda like creative differences & I enjoy watching how people solve them. Cause I kinda have the tendency to get all dictator on people when we get into a snag. :P So I admirrrreeee... ;)

This is a really tall oak tree up where I live. It seem to be in an old garden. Cause there's apple trees, plums, pears, etc. & there's a really great trail going by. Great for hiking & biking. I wouldn't get on my bike there...would probs be on my face faster than I could say "SHIIIIIIIIITE!" My mum is the little blob there. She was finding some rasberry plants for my stick insects. ^^ So nice mamma!!! JAAAA!!! <3

The pic of my belladonna is taken in my bedroom. :) She's so sweet!!!! & she still gets loads of flowers. <3 I really want a white victorian greenhouse. I would fill it up with loads of lovely herbs & flowers & fruits & vegetables...& I would only use organic nutritional soil. ^^ Oh & I would have a table & a couple of chairs there for tea & crumpets! <3

It's late here now... So I'm putting the kettle on & plan on curling up in my chair with my fake fur blanket & watch a movie. ;P ...as you see I'm easing into this weekly blog thing. I'm going to the hospital to scan my kidneys & I'm  also heading over to Scotland this month to look at my enormous property. xD ...so a few things exciting enough for you to read about. ;) Well...I'm off for now. 

Hugs & kisses!


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