Another notch in the wheel of time.

Here we are yet again...the autumnal equinox. Where the day & night is in perfect balance. I love this time of year! Everything changes so fast...& not a day is the same as the other. :)

Been at my grandma's this past weekend. & if I'd find the stuuuupid thingy that gets the pictures into my computer I would show you some pics...but nope. So I'll post them later. My little sister decided to have her family birthday there...sooo I had to tag along. :) Was nice spending time with our cousins. Blabbing about odds & ends. :) But the best thing was to see my grandma again. :) She's so tiiiiiiny! ...& she kept on asking who I was. :P & that I was veeeery pretty & had nice teeth & hair! :P She even thought it was good that I didn't have a fiance...that I was freeeee! "Too many young girls just jumps into relationships without figuring out who they really are." :P Never thought I'd hear those words from that lady...but then again "she'd been in Africa & walked the north pole" who am I to know what's really her words/opinion or not. :P I miss certain stuff from my childhood. Like when my grandpa hugged me. He had stubbles & made sure I'd feel them! & he sounded like a goat when he burped. :p & my grandma used to send the Fanitullen song to me every birthday on P1 - a radio channel here in Norway. Oooh & she made the best Raspeballer ever!!! Damn I miss her cooking. :D Wish I lived closer to her...

I've done a few more things this week. Not gonna tell you about that just yet...but a fun little part time project. Also been trying to clear out a few more bags of junk from my life. :) Seem to lift my spirit every time I toss one of them in the bin. Sooo not gonna stop til every single little item is gooooone. If you don't use, need or want it - Give it to someone you know, throw it out, sell it, make it into something else or donate it to charity. Don't turn into a hoarder of any kind. Everyday items can be replaced. & people don't really need two of every kind. Downsize...& make sure that when you leave this earth...the people you leave behind don't have to use a huge chunk out of their life to clean up after you.

I decided today to change my living room... & more than one demanded pictures of I'll probably put some up tomorrow or saturday. :) I'm going to go darker...a bit tired of all the white. :) 

Well...have to go now. Loads to do before sunday!



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