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I 'm tired of getting invites at 6 am to small cultural events by clueless ppl parading around like art-horny roosters thinking they're oooh soooo suave. Wearing a beret & using big words like picturesque & so forth isn't synonymous with being either intellectual nor cultural. It's just a pretentious grand scheme to get some tail. Nothing more, nothing less. If I want to go to an event of some sorts I'll go. But not with ppl like that! Damn I wanna take the beret & shove it up their sphincters. Then strangle them slowly with their fancy scarves just for waking me up!!!

Another notch in the wheel of time.

Here we are yet again...the autumnal equinox. Where the day & night is in perfect balance. I love this time of year! Everything changes so fast...& not a day is the same as the other. :) Been at my grandma's this past weekend. & if I'd find the stuuuupid thingy that gets the pictures into my computer I would show you some pics...but nope. So I'll post them later. My little sister decided to have her family birthday there...sooo I had to tag along. :) Was nice spending time with our cousins. Blabbing about odds & ends. :) But the best thing was to see my grandma again. :) She's so tiiiiiiny! ...& she kept on asking who I was. :P & that I was veeeery pretty & had nice teeth & hair! :P She even thought it was good that I didn't have a fiance...that I was freeeee! "Too many young girls just jumps into relationships without figuring out who they really are." :P Never thought I'd hear those words from that lady...but then a

Life is good!

I've purposely held off from writing anything till I got the results from the hospital. & my doctor called today & gave me two thumbs up. Nothing wrong with my kidneys! I'm happier than a playboy bunny! (I keep on saying that don't I? ...but it's true. :P) So I'm on a little less medication now...& ready to conquer the world. Well... Baby steps at least. :) I've had major nightmares about my doctor telling me I have a rare kind of cancer. Woke up balling my eyes out, covered in sweat. NOT what I'd call a particularly good morning. It made me think of my brother. Actually think I've been guilty that an amazing creature like him is gone & I'm still here. Some part of me have wanted to suffer like  him. Maybe even been longing for death. But I know & have known for a long time that the only way to honor his life is to live my the fullest. :) When you're sick there's not much you can do...but now that I'm s


Image's the beginning of 'next week' & I LOVE banana mango yoghurt! :P Just tasted it & was definitively yummy in my tummy! ...all the candles are lit & I'm listening to The Pretty Reckless. When I went outside this morning I got a whiff of autumn. I  ran upstairs, opened the windows & put on the kettle...then crawled back under the covers with a cup of tea & an interior mag. :P Oooh yeah I like it when that warm cosy feeling creeps up inside me. ;P Hehe.  Got a new/old bike this summer. With the basket in front & it's black & looovely. :P I even use a helmet. xD I look like a giant black mushroom...but it's alright. I don't wanna be one of them who bitch about others not using a helmet in traffic & then become one of them. I'll rather look slightly in need of support wheels. o.O I've used it to the beach, store & just for recreation. & I must say that my stamina is really not what it used to b

Mamma dearest...

This is a birthday present for my mum. Her hallway was just wood...wood everywhere! & it swallowed any light that entered. She really  hated the green I chose. It was the darkest one on the "olive branch". Reminded me of a military olive'ish kinda green. & I basically told her to zip it & trust me. :P The pics I have are really crap. Cause my cell was full of pics & they kinda get smaller as I take save some room. :P But I really don't care. :) It is what it is...& so on. ;P Her door shouldn't really have been used as a front door in my opinion. Cause I think it's more of a cellar kinda thing. BUT we have to make the most out of what we have...sooo I painted it white. Then took a cheap ass frame she had laying around & nailed it to the inside of her door. :) Painted that white also...then put up her favorite knocker. She got it in Greece a lifetime ago...& she loves it. So why not put it up somewhere? :) She also li

Summer is gone...

B een a while since I've written anything now. Had a pretty unusual summer...seemed more like a really long autumn really. But I'm not complaining. I love autumn! :) This summer I've been healing myself. I've also helped my mum out with her place. Took a few pics of it so as soon as I get them sorted I'll put them out. I've gone swimming, ripped my pants (fatfatfat), licked some sun. & even met rude old people who think they have the right to get in front of the matter where they are. & I don't really care if they are disabled or whatnot...if you act like a huge piece of turd you most likely ARE one. & I'll treat you accordingly. :) I've also gotten bloody tired of people telling me what music I need to listen too. I like what I like! I can listen to metal, classical & pop. It doesn't make me any less...or more...of whatever I am. :) Music can lift you out of a hole...& it can ground you if needed. So I'm usin