Persona non grata

I'm really trying to stay on the light & happy road...but when things like this happens I'm racing through scorched valleys in seconds. 
My mum came crying through the door today. She had told the wee ones in the family that she might be coming on a surprise visit...but I really don't think she had this in mind. Cause she had the whole day planned. Drive over to sweden to buy some cheap food & our favorite treats, then drive back & surprise us with a nice & happy family day. Instead some retarded fuck decided to steal her bag while she was packing her groceries. She looked away for a couple of seconds & it was gone. The people beside her hadn't even noticed it. Some ran out to look for it...but the thief was gone. She got really upset & wanted to call home...but not many people where willing to help her in that department. o.O I mean...a lousy phone call so she could block her cards or call a loved one?! Is that so difficult? What have people turned into? Do they walk on by if someone lay helpless on the ground? Should I turn into one of them? Should I walk all over people just to get my own way? Cause it looks like you have to become a me person to get ahead in the world. & I don't wanna be like that. BUT I sure as hell won't help someone that expect it from me...& I'll never ever help someone that won't repay me or someone else with the same kindness. Is that me being somewhat of a egocentric bastard? Naaaah...that's me putting my foot down to all the shitters that just grab everything around them & scream: "MIIIIINE!!! IT'S ALL MINE!!!!" Well have fun in your fortress of solitude. Hope you'll drown in your own egoistic pool of shit! 
Anyway... Her phone was still turned I called & called...but no answers...would've been a ballsy thief to answer I guess. But then I sent a few words to that red Doro phone of hers. Hope they got them all. & I meant ever word. & I'll keep my way or another. Hope karma will catch up with them really fast & kick their sorry asses. I'm still trying to stay calm & not use as many curses as I want to...but if I could rip the flesh of their bodies  - then heal them to do it all over again - I would. Cause she didn't deserve that in any way or form. She's kind & trying to help everyone...but maybe that's just someone trying to tell her that she needs to put herself first. I dunno... But seeing my mum like that broke my heart.

When I took a shower yesterday these words fell down in my head & I had to write them down for some reason:

"Why don't we recognize the spawn of Evolution
or the tide of Time's bastard?" they make sense.    


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