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Persona non grata

I'm really trying to stay on the light & happy road...but when things like this happens I'm racing through scorched valleys in seconds.  My mum came crying through the door today. She had told the wee ones in the family that she might be coming on a surprise visit...but I really don't think she had this in mind. Cause she had the whole day planned. Drive over to sweden to buy some cheap food & our favorite treats, then drive back & surprise us with a nice & happy family day. Instead some retarded fuck decided to steal her bag while she was packing her groceries. She looked away for a couple of seconds & it was gone. The people beside her hadn't even noticed it. Some ran out to look for it...but the thief was gone. She got really upset & wanted to call home...but not many people where willing to help her in that department. o.O I mean...a lousy phone call so she could block her cards or call a loved one?! Is that so difficult? What have people tur