The little ones!

Today's my youngest niece's birthday. :D So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!! <3 Hope she'll get to see maaaaany more. ^^ She's definitively a little artist already...& when she draws it usually comes from within. Hope she'll never lose that side of her...that creative side. Cause it really is a blessing being able to express oneself in that way. :) She's so quiet & lovely. But once in a while you can see the devilish twinkle in her eye...& then you better grow an extra pair of eyes in your neck. ;D So funny. Just like her sister. <3

I don't think I've showed off some of the tiny ones in my little here goes:


Dwarf hamster #1. :D


Dwarf hamster #2. :D

Don't have an updated pic of the stick-bugs at the moment...but there are lots of them. Lettie, Tripp, Aurora...& a billion more. Heh... Anyone want one? :P They're funny when you put on some music with some serious bass...looks like they're getting down - shaking their little groove thing. xD

Then there's Loke THE Cat. Got him a decade ago. :) He's weird...only thing he freaks out about is horses. :P I've watched him cuddle up against a huge ass aggressive dog. But if you lift him up in front of a horse he gets all he doesn't even breathe. & then you can see his mind is desperately seeking a way out of this gruesome situation...but he can't take his eyes away from "the huge weird thing". If the horse just moves a little at that moment he's so outta there. Hehe. He used to ring the doorbell when he wanted to come in...maybe he'll start again when I put the batteries back in. :p He's also really not that into "normal food"...he might lick on some cheese once in a while...but that's it. & he still crawls up on my boobs to sleep there...he just don't wanna realize that he's a tad bit bigger...& he drools when I cuddle him. o.O That combination really reminds me of this naaaaasty old drunk at a party once...he fell asleep on my boobs drooling. Think I actually scrubbed myself so much I started to bleed. That ought to teach my friends to NEVER PUT BABY IN A CORNER!!!!!! xD

Well... Can't sit in front of my mac all day. Have stuff to do. Like making place cards for a birthday party this weekend. :P Hope I won't screw it up tooo much...  


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