Time of my life!

Single, slightly mental white female seeking MAN with hairy stomach, shoulders & nipples. He need to have a gooooood job so he can support HIMSELF & all his nasty little habits. Lovely if he has a bunch of tattoos, preferably with colors...so I have something to look at during our less than average once a month copulation. If you have slurry speech, long greasy hair & a wicked sense of humor...well, RING-A-DING-DING!!!! Haven't I hit the jackpot! WOOOH! *Lovelove* You'll also have a great passion for 1980's power ballads & won't be afraid to have a little tipsy twirl on the dance floor with me whenever we're out discoing. I need you to worship me, but be ok with me having eeehm hungry, wandering eyes...sooo...do you want me to be the wind in your tree? Mark reply with: "Loverboy". xP

Damn I was relieved when I was at the doctors... Asked the nurse that took my tests today if my brain scan results where back. She checked & said that they where...blablabla & *breathe*. ;) Sooo, now I just have to wait for the other results to come back. :) I just can't focus at all before I know things are ok. It's like playing hide & seek...just when they're passing you, you hold your breath until they're gone. 
So naturally I've been in a good mood most of the day... :P Got a bit pissed at my friend's girlfriend though. If I had an opinion two years ago...does that really mean I still should firmly believe the same things or else I'm not reliable? I asked her if she'd ever heard of having an open mind? I'm so f**king comfortable with being me.(Not talking body, but mind. Cause - yes I do have issues with my body as the next one.) That I don't mind being wrong. Don't get me wrong...I do love being right...BUT if someone else have a better outlook on life, that makes me see cracks in my beliefs...then I'll change them. It's not from one second to another...but I'll quietly contemplate over it & then slowly incorporate it in my daily life. I loved red before... Should I keep on buying shit in that color just because I loved it way back when!?! HELL NO!!! I change with the seasons & follow the colors my soul yearns for. ;)

Had a great weekend alone... Quiet...& I slept for hooours. Probably would've slept 24/7 if my mum hadn't dragged me outside. :P When we went to the store I almost humped a guy's leg. He ended up calling his wife to get me  the name of the perfume he was wearing... :P The smell was kinda strong, but soft at the same time...a fluffy love-cloud covering me whilst softly caressing me with cosy memories & feeding me sweet drops of honeysuckle. Aaaaah me love! :D But have to say the whole scene kinda had a faint reminiscent of a "Dough & Carrie" episode. xD Hmm...damn...I miss telly. :/

Time to Zzz... 



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