Been taking off all the f'ugly  brassy things off my white wooden dresser. & drilling holes for my rose'ish handles. But I still can't find one single place within driving range that sell those antique looking ornamented things to put over the keyhole! I really can't stand it when I don't get what I want when I want iiiiit! XD Haha! I know...another thing I need to work on....but I just don't like to order stuff & then they say it'll be shipped within the next 5 working days. I mean come ooooon!!! I have to stare at that shit for almost two weeks before it magically appears a note from the post office that says I can pick it up at my local "post office crammed in a shop". But most of the time I don't get shit for months! Sooo it's logically that I'm a taaaad bit apprehensive about ordering stuff online nowadays. Sooo guess I'll be snooping around second hand shops in the next few days...cause I really need to get that stuff finished. Or else it will be standing there half wonky 'til the end of days...& annoy the living daylight out of me.

Kommoden min

I'm looking forward to tomorrow btw... :) I'll tell you aaall about it in ca.  24 hours. ;P

Hugs! <3


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