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Thanks for the stroll. ;)

T his morning I woke up around 7:55. My mum called & chanted her "get-your-ass-out-of-bed-or-I'll-puuuuunish-you"-spell. XD I love her even more when she annoys me. Or when I talk about something she disapproves of...she just makes an agreeing "Mmfffh.." sound, but her eyes & energy just explodes. XD Hope I'll get to see the day she tosses that out the window & just screams: "What the fffff..iddle-di-do are you thinking with you mooooron!?!?!" That would be so great! XD <3 Anyway...when I finally got around to looking out the window...I saw this amazing grey veil over the town & the island. It was cold as hell, but the sun managed to sneak a few rays through...just enough to make all the car roofs twinkle down there at the docks...rushing towards their self-made destiny's. ;P I know that cars are polluting...& they really should start making a bunch of alternative cars for affordable prices. I truly curse the person who


B een taking off all the f'ugly  brassy things off my white wooden dresser. & drilling holes for my rose'ish handles. But I still can't find one single place within driving range that sell those antique looking ornamented things to put over the keyhole! I really can't stand it when I don't get what I want when I want iiiiit! XD Haha! I know...another thing I need to work on....but I just don't like to order stuff & then they say it'll be shipped within the next 5 working days. I mean come ooooon!!! I have to stare at that shit for almost two weeks before it magically appears a note from the post office that says I can pick it up at my local "post office crammed in a shop". But most of the time I don't get shit for months! Sooo it's logically that I'm a taaaad bit apprehensive about ordering stuff online nowadays. Sooo guess I'll be snooping around second hand shops in the next few days...cause I really need to get that stuff

Time of my life!

S ingle, slightly mental white female seeking MAN with hairy stomach, shoulders & nipples. He need to have a gooooood job so he can support HIMSELF & all his nasty little habits. Lovely if he has a bunch of tattoos, preferably with I have something to look at during our less than average once a month copulation. If you have slurry speech, long greasy hair & a wicked sense of humor...well, RING-A-DING-DING!!!! Haven't I hit the jackpot! WOOOH! *Lovelove* You'll also have a great passion for 1980's power ballads & won't be afraid to have a little tipsy twirl on the dance floor with me whenever we're out discoing. I need you to worship me, but be ok with me having eeehm hungry, wandering you want me to be the wind in your tree? Mark reply with: "Loverboy". xP D amn I was relieved when I was at the doctors... Asked the nurse that took my tests today if my brain scan results where back. She checked &

Fluffy clouds & a scent of sulphur

I t's definitively not tomorrow...but my hair still have a hint of Big Bird in it. ;) S melled like death in the house last night & today. Then I realized a volcano on Iceland had opened it's eyes...or take your pick. They said an ash cloud with poopy smell would breeze by our lovely kingdom. So I'm kinda hoping that's that. Cause the town we live next to...I do not live in it! those of you that know me: I dooooo NOT live there! I live on the beautiful peninsula in the fjord just outside. *flowers hearts love love pink heart love* ;P ...back to the town:'s known for it's shitty scents. There's stories from the 1800s about people actually fainting cause of the even dying. (A bit better now of course. :P) But I definitively don't need that smell all weekend. Cause it's vile! ...& if that isn't the reason the house smelled of Clamydia infested whores at a party in an old shrimp boat...then what the he