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B een thinking a lot about mentors, guides, etc. today. Lots of people I've met said that they have some sort of elder guiding them in the right direction...or some idol they look up to.  Sometimes I feel it would be great to have someone like that. Telling you what decisions to make & roads to take...showing you the ropes. :) Mmm... Letting go of the reins for a few sec. Just to see it all as I did way back when I was a toddler & they had to point out the world's wonders to me.  I got yellow hair btw. Look like f*****g Big Bird. o.O I decided to highlight my hair...on my own. & I should've just rinsed my hair the second the highlighter gadget thingy  stopped working. :P When will I ever learn? :P I 'm gonna give it a try to get some pics out here again...dare I say tomorrow? :O Hehe...I'll atleast try. ;) PS:  Whatever your dreams are... Never throw them away.