I want cake! :P

I've kinda been feeling like an ornament lately. Just a piece of f'ugly useless decoration with no purpose at all. I wanna get my energy back up at a 100% so I can get back into da biz. ;) But a part of me keep asking the gods what the hell I'm here for...cause I can't shake the feeling that I'm supposed to do something...more! Just restless I guess. :) 

I've a heap of designs in my desk... Mostly interior actually. Hope I'll be able to make the armoire this spring...then fill it up with my victorian inspired clothes & shoes. :) Found these amazing laces & buttons in a little box in the attic...probs from my mums auntie. Who was a seamstress. Lots of her dresses etc was given to the local museum...real works of art. Some of the few items I have of hers are incredible detailed. Love them all! ..wish my butt & boobs would fit in them though. :P Anyway...I'm really inspired by the things I found up there. & I'll definitely use them. 
Was at a local antique/second-hand store & I found this wonderful silk painted/printed picture with ornate metal frame of a girl reading in a beautiful yellow dress. It's probably not worth more than the $2 I payed for it, but it's priceless to me. :) I just put it up on the wall just above my desk. Gives me an amazing sense of calm...  :)

Well...that was it for now. Feeling a tad bit feeble so I'll drag my ass over to the sofa & watch a movie of some sorts. Mmmaybe have a cup of strawberry tea & a slice of imaginary red velvet cake too! ;P Yummy!!!


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