Stuffed in a freezer

Well, it's a bit into the new year now...& so far I'm diggin' it. But as my bestest friend in the whole wide world uttered: Shouldn't we have flying cars & spray-on clothes by now? o.O I'm kinda thinking....yeah. :P BUT!!! -& that's a HUGE you really wanna see people in spray-on anything? I mean...we do have body-paint & I tell yah...that ain't sweet on grandma! o.O So I sure don't wanna think about how the spray-on thingy would look on aaanyone else either. Oooh & flying you reeeeeaaallyyyy wanna have the same retards that's on the ground up in the air? Cause I already wanna smack 'em silly...but I'd enjoy-to a great extent(!!!) to see how a road rage incident would look like. :P Hmm...something positive midst the turds...mesa like!
Have you been able to keep your new year resolutions so far? Did you make some really huge ones or just something you can ease into? ...& I always wonder what people want for themselves in the coming year. This year...this new decade actually...I want more amazing experiences & positive fun stuff. Oooh & people with the ability to have an original thought around me. Zombies be gone! :) & I'll try my very best to focus on the positive things instead of the negative. But sometimes I'll need to vent all my frustrations. Pent-up anger ain't good for nobody. Specially things that get in my doors, plates, vacuum cleaner, etc. o.O .oO(Did I hear someone whisper anger management? ;P)
Anyyyyway... It's cold here in Norway. In my bedroom it's around 14 C & outside it's almost minus 20 C . They're saying that this weekend it'll be even colder than that. Not looking forward to that at all. My body hurts enough already...sooo don't need to become a funky-shaky-popsickle of some sorts cause of some pissed off  weather god.
Blablabla... Need to continue with my quilt now. But I'll probably spew up some more useless blah sooner than you wish...


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