Nightly rummage

Now don't get me wrong here...I LOVE the metal scene. BUT am I the only one that gets this weird uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see...eeehm...lets call them up & comers... o.O ...playing in these tiny places...youth clubs & all...with black jeans that's so washed to death that they're grey-see-throughish so they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Again I LOVE the energy & sound & heeey mooore power too yah for sticking in there champ! BUT back to my tiny discomfort...when they make these facial expressions I get redder in the face than the vocalist that's been screaming his head off for half an hour or so. Cause it's just f**king uncomfortable to watch some weird ass up there on stage with his eyes wide open, chin stuck half way out to gods knows where, looking like he just had his nose waaaay up his grandpa's sphincter. Whyyy do they have to do that?!? At least let someone take your pics while doing it & have a look yourself before you go up on stage & flaunt your "awesomeness" to the whole f**king world. Take it from me...if something feels great doesn't necessarily mean it looks great. ;P If it's one of those bands that doesn't take it all tooo seriously & can have some fun, then I'm all for the weird ass moves & grimaces though. Then it's all aaaiiit! ;P Oh oh ohhh...& then we have these die hard fans that's boot drunk & either in the front banging their little hearts out or just standing like two cm from each others faces with their mount gaping & eyes almost popping out while waving their little hands making sign of the horns. Well, that's kinda cute actually...unless you stick your face up in mine between every sip of beer...that just makes me wanna smack you silly. Talking about silly...there was these guys a few years back at a concert in Oslo that had badly done corpsepaint (...kinda looked like a mix between zebras & dalmatians.), Ralph Lauren chinos, v-sweaters & white sneakers. XD Oh I almost died laughing when I saw that. XD Yeah I know...I shouldn't say things like that. :) But I do get immensely embarrassed when I look at people going on these talent shows with absolutely noooo talent at all. Really makes me wanna crawl under a rock & stay there 'til it's all over. Gets me a tiny bit pissed off too...isn't there anyone in their life that can give it to them straight? It's really easy... "Hey hun? I love to listen to you sing. But I really don't think it's a good idea if you go national just yet...cause you couldn't hit a note even if it was a big ass piñata & you where inches from it."'s early morning here now. I couldn't sleep so I decided to rummage through my old pics on this computer (My other's getting fixed for those of you that misses my appearance on the various chat channels. ^^). Lots of nice memories... People I used to cherish just buried in the hourglass sand. Who do I miss the most from my past? The one & only Gamlefar, then it's Tepes & Tornebusken. :) But you're all up on my wall of I'm blowing you kisses every day. *laughs*

Hmm...probably should get under the covers again. Kinda getting chilly. I'll write soon. ;)



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