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Nothing's like the familiar smell of bonfire that's seeped into every fiber of your clothes...& when you free your hair from the jail warming your head...the scent just burst out like you're in the midst of the burning times. ...but this time it's a calm soothing feeling that grows inside. If I could bottle three scents it would be rotting autumn leaves, honeysuckle & bonfire. That's the definition of life, love & pure bliss to me.
Midwinter open fire bbq's are little slices of warm summer pie...& I can't be more sorry that I haven't been able to enjoy it more this season. But couldn't risk getting sick again. Just hope that if you get the chance to get out like that...you take it. Make a huge thermos of bouillon, hot chocolate, tea or whatever tickles your fancy & go out & play with the elements. ;)

I miss hunting down unique clothes in various places. Can tell I'm starved in that department too... But it's really fun going around looking especially in London...so many quirky places. :) There's one shop I really don't wanna visit again though. But won't mention any name just yet...cause I do hope that when I peer through the windows the next time I'm in London that it has lived up to it's true potential...& that I get all gobsmacked. ;P My last reaction was: "If I wanted to go dumpster diving I'd just stick my head up in my attic. It's like someone spewed up 4 generations worth of crap up there." 
Anyway...If you're ever "over there" then you should have a little looksie at Amarcord Vintage Fashion funfun! :)

Last night I was under the covers flippin' through a magazine I got in the mail. Looking at all the advertises I kinda wondered if all the people buying the creams laced with toxic shit actually think about the ingredients & what they do to your skin in the long run. Why not crush up some oatmeal, put in it some sheer fabric, make it wet & use that as an exfoliant? & when was the last time you checked if the stuff you're smearing all over yourself hasn't been a part of some awful animal testing regime. o.O I was shite myself until I started looking at some videos online...made me wanna puke...preferably down the throat of the human excrement treating these animals like crap. Yes, ok you're working in that line of business & yes those animals are a part of your daily assignment...but that doesn't give you the right to be cruel & treat them disrespectful. I'm not saying everyone's like that...but if there's one person doing something wrong & you're keeping your mouth shut about it you're as bad as them. The animals are going through hell cause of human vanity, etc... So why not at least give them the decency of some affection. It's not necessary to kill their spirit too.
It's baffling that when you've lived a long & productive life...& you're mind wanders off. You find exactly the same asshole as those animals do, pestering you...with a 'Who the f**k cares...they can't tell anyone anyway?!' attitude. Nooo of course I'm not saying the world is full of sadistic humans. I just think that too many people just don't give a fuck. When old people freeze to death in the winter. Weeell, it makes me wonder where the hell's their family/neighbors/friends?! ...anyone? Is this really a worthy farewell?
The misanthrope side that dwells in me make an appearance almost instantaneously whenever I hear about stuff like that. The downside is that it takes a long while for me to adjust back again. But the trick is to focus on the little things...the smile from a perfect stranger, going through my memory box, getting a hug from a wee one & stuff like that. :)

Well...enough of my crappy spelling & jibber jabber. Need some tea, my sketch book (fixing up my kitchen in a couple of weeks...so need some design ideas.) & a crappy movie. :D xoxo


VA Boutique said…
Thank you so much for visiting me!
I loved your message it made me *giggle*
I love your blog here 'Shabby Chic with a dash of darkness ...'
Love it!
Your making me miss my goth days here, missy!
Linn said…
:D Aaaw... Always nice to look back at some goth times. ;)
I'll try to post some pics of my 'Shabby chic with a dash of darkness' interior in the near future. ;) Cause I'm getting ready to redo my kitchen...next week actually! :D *happy happy*

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