6 years in jail or 20 lashes?

I almost chocked on my breakfast this morning. The first thing I read in the news section is that 'Professor Moron' wanna give a convicted person the choice between 6 years in jail or 20 lashes. My first thought wasn't that it was inhumane or anything...more on the lines of ridiculous!!! Cause when I read on a guy who KILLED a 15 year old girl got 16, yes people 16!!! years in jail for that. That's 5 years from the maximum here. The norwegian justice system is pretty f**ked at least as far as I'm concerned...cause getting 16 years for taking someone else's life is just wrong. You should be locked away for the rest of your life if you did it in cold blood. If it's an accident I've a different outlook on it....but anyway, back to 'Professor Moron'. Is his opinion really that if you kill someone you get a few hours of lashings then back to the society you goooo!?!? Cause then at least you don't have to "suffer" in jail for many years?! Aaaaw pooooor thing. :( Did you get caught doing a bad thing? :( Do you have to do time in jail for that? A norwegian baaaaad ass jail...where you get PAID everyday to sit & do almost nothing? Maybe play some video games....in your own little room? :'( I sooo feel for you!!! o.O Of course it has it downsides too...if you look at the people going in & out of it like it's the f**king fours seasons. But all in all a prison is made to keep the people who've done  a crap thing locked in. & they shouldn't be rewarded for it!!! Maybe get their hard-drive completely whiped & some new "flowers & fluffy bunnies"-software installed I dunno. Oh, & if you're an immigrant...I'm sorry to say it but if you came here to get a fresh start & new chances & you blow it on crimes then it's 3 strikes & you're outta here! (I wish!)
I absolutely love it when people come here & really make a brand new start for themselves...learn the language, move to smaller towns...just really embrace the chance they've been given & contribute to society. It's f**king beautiful man! ;) Hehe.
But not if you're a piece of human dung. People make mistakes. But you have to be the slowest f**king retard if you don't learn at least one thing from your past mistakes. o.O
I've said it before & I say it again... Bring holmgang back! :D

On a lighter slightly ditzy note... Feel like I've just opened my eyes after a long ass hibernation...so my energy's SLOOOWLY rising. Like sweet sap in a maple tree. :P So kinda need a change. Cut off all my hair? Get a thick fringe? ...colour it yet again? Curls? One more tattoo? What to do, what to dooo?

Oh how I long for springtime... The warm sun on my face, Mr. Frost slowly loosening his grip on Miss Snow...making her melt, one drop at a time. Rivers slithering under the thin ice...caressing it softly to open up & let them out. Can't wait... ^^


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