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Nightly rummage

N ow don't get me wrong here...I LOVE the metal scene. BUT am I the only one that gets this weird uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see...eeehm...lets call them up & comers... o.O ...playing in these tiny places...youth clubs & all...with black jeans that's so washed to death that they're grey-see-throughish so they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Again I LOVE the energy & sound & heeey mooore power too yah for sticking in there champ! BUT back to my tiny discomfort...when they make these facial expressions I get redder in the face than the vocalist that's been screaming his head off for half an hour or so. Cause it's just f**king uncomfortable to watch some weird ass up there on stage with his eyes wide open, chin stuck half way out to gods knows where, looking like he just had his nose waaaay up his grandpa's sphincter. Whyyy do they have to do that?!? At least let someone take your pics while doing it & hav

Jibber jabber...

N othing's like the familiar smell of bonfire that's seeped into every fiber of your clothes...& when you free your hair from the jail warming your head...the scent just burst out like you're in the midst of the burning times. ...but this time it's a calm soothing feeling that grows inside. If I could bottle three scents it would be rotting autumn leaves, honeysuckle & bonfire. That's the definition of life, love & pure bliss to me. Midwinter open fire bbq's are little slices of warm summer pie...& I can't be more sorry that I haven't been able to enjoy it more this season. But couldn't risk getting sick again. Just hope that if you get the chance to get out like take it. Make a huge thermos of bouillon, hot chocolate, tea or whatever tickles your fancy & go out & play with the elements. ;) I miss hunting down unique clothes in various places. Can tell I'm starved in that department too... But it's r

6 years in jail or 20 lashes?

I almost chocked on my breakfast this morning. The first thing I read in the news section is that 'Professor Moron' wanna give a convicted person the choice between 6 years in jail or 20 lashes. My first thought wasn't that it was inhumane or anything...more on the lines of ridiculous!!! Cause when I read on a guy who KILLED a 15 year old girl got 16, yes people 16!!! years in jail for that. That's 5 years from the maximum here. The norwegian justice system is pretty f**ked at least as far as I'm concerned...cause getting 16 years for taking someone else's life is just wrong. You should be locked away for the rest of your life if you did it in cold blood. If it's an accident I've a different outlook on it....but anyway, back to 'Professor Moron'. Is his opinion really that if you kill someone you get a few hours of lashings then back to the society you goooo!?!? Cause then at least you don't have to "suffer" in jail for many years

Stuffed in a freezer

W ell, it's a bit into the new year now...& so far I'm diggin' it. But as my bestest friend in the whole wide world uttered: Shouldn't we have flying cars & spray-on clothes by now? o.O I'm kinda thinking....yeah. :P BUT!!! -& that's a HUGE you really wanna see people in spray-on anything? I mean...we do have body-paint & I tell yah...that ain't sweet on grandma! o.O So I sure don't wanna think about how the spray-on thingy would look on aaanyone else either. Oooh & flying you reeeeeaaallyyyy wanna have the same retards that's on the ground up in the air? Cause I already wanna smack 'em silly...but I'd enjoy-to a great extent(!!!) to see how a road rage incident would look like. :P Hmm...something positive midst the turds...mesa like! H ave you been able to keep your new year resolutions so far? Did you make some really huge ones or just something you can ease into? ...& I always wonder what peopl