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I 've been quite busy lately. Working, throwing up, having holiday workshops & cleaning out all the shite in my house. :) ...& not necessarily in that order. Plus I haven't been inspired to write anything...ergo nooo blog until now.  I got my tree up the 1st of december. That's somewhat of a tradition in my house. Feels like yule lasts a wee bit longer then. I'm not completely done with the tree though...not until the 23rd. So loads more pink, diamonds, pearls & rustic stuff to add. Btw I've been totally mesmerized by Colin Cowie's winter wonderland !!! I usually don't get all misty eyed when it comes to these things...but it was so over the top, yet so easy on the eye...I'm almost prone to call it simple. :P Check it out! <3 T hink I'm experiencing a natural merge between my obsession with all things victorian & reusing old stuff...& that I'm kinda ending up with steampunk. xD Oh my poor home...  B

Written sometime in the morning...

Y ou know what pisses me off? People who feel sorry for themselves in a way that makes them infantile. ...& when they learn you have a diagnosis of some sorts they think they can come & complain, moan & groan to you. o.O It's like they enjoy wallowing in their own self-pity. & even more so - yours! :/ They even get offended when I say that there's nothing wrong with me. I mean...I'm not curled up in a corner jammering jibberish while I play with my imaginary flock of seaguls. I'm a functioning lunatic - as are everyone else in one way or another!! So why do they sit waaay up on their high horses & look down on people that actually are TRYING to go about with their lives regardless. That horse might kick them off some day. Doubtful, but maybe then they'll learn how to see things from a different perspective. Most likely they'll suffocate in the huge horse dung they fell face down in...cause they didn't know how to lift themselves out of t

Dream on...

H ad the longest week evaaaaaah! :P Been to meetings, courses, had a little Halloween shindig, worked, painted, rearranged, redesigned, revived & revised o.O...even managed to work out every day! :O Yeeeezzz, I even impress myself aaaiiiit?! ;P But I'm determined! Been thinking about dragging some poor sucker with me to the gym...but every time I get that brilliant idea I kinda remind myself on how much I loathe it. I like doing things like that alone. More efficient that way....just in, do my thing & out again. Going for a walk or stuff like that is's nice having someone to creep around with. :P  T he whole stress aspect of this past week isn't quite as blissful...had a major anxiety attack . Don't like them... I see it coming a mile away...but can't stop it. That worries me a lot! Cause I don't want it to grow bigger again & hinder me going about with my life. The anger's exhausting, consuming & it kills a little part of m

LazZzy zZzunday...


Feeling gay! ;)

For those of you lovelies that complain about my grammar:  #1. I'm NORWEGIAN !!!  #2. Can't really be bothered to correct my wrongs. #3. RELAX! I'm just as lousy in my own language... ;D I had the most fabulous day today! Made a few things, revamped even more, got a GORGEOUS handwritten letter in the mail <3 & took loads of pictures! The weather outside was amazing! Almost crawled around in the streets just to get a good look at all the rotting leaves. Plus the smell outside is kinda making me high. :P I've been humming Sam Sparro's "Black & Gold" all day. & seriously thinking about getting one of those canes & putting my top hat on, doing a Fred Astaire...but without the rain. ;) I watched Adam Lambert's "If I had you" video a few times this afternoon...& I would love to see what the reactions would be like if people started to dance like that in the streets. xD *Happy-clap* ...& I often wonde

Rugged finish

A fter I had my appointments yesterday I decided to visit my oldest brother. I bought mojito & got him some macadamian nuts + a candle. Then told him all about the latest gossip. :P His grave had a nice flower arrangement. Misses a little lantern of some sort...but maybe I can get him one next time. :) Have to say it's better to be there in the summer...just sit on a blanket & have a pizza & some beers with friends. Hopefully I'll get to do that more next year. ^^ Know people think I'm a bit morbid by doing so. But honestly guys...isn't it better to remember the good times than hold on to all the bad stuff? Sure, I get emotional when I talk about him. But most of the time it's fun & goofy stuff. Both my mum & other brother said: "Say hello from us!" & that says a great deal I think. ;) H ad a sick amount of stuff floating around in my head after the visit to the doctors. Have to do weird balancing things at home 4 times a day. I'


G etting ready to head out in the world. cup of tea, a shower & I'm off. :) Kinda excited 'bout today. Gonna do a lot of balance things. Then do a test to see if my vertigo is completely gone. I doubt it...but hopeful! Had two incidents lately. Just hoping it's stress or something. ^^ ...after that I'm gonna see someone about my insanely slow metabolism. Get some pointers on how to boost it. :) ...cause right now nothing seem to work. Besides the pills anyway. :P For those who's adamant about me just being lazy - sod off! How about spending some time with me instead? You know...some good old fashioned face to face interaction to reconnect. ;)  <3 B een thinking a lot about Scotland. Can't wait to go back to stand on more soft mounds & peek around even more quirky corners. :D I'll leave you with a little dot of Edinburgh'ish color... A rose pic'd at the castle 's foundation. ;)

Had a good day. ^^

S melling like paint, with my feet up, drinking white tea & staring at Castle  ! Had a good day. :) when people have vast knowledge about things. That you show them or ask them something & they come up with an answer quicker than lightning. :) I asked someone about a little pillbox thingy my mum's uncle had. Cause my curiosity is extreme. Even if a toothpick catches my eyes I wanna know more about it. Like who had it...why is it there...blablabla. ;P He immediately said it looked like the Kosovo-Albania's flag. & it probably was just a tourist thing. :D But I got all giddy & the voice inside screamed: "YEAY! Happy-clap!" ...but now I have a ton more questions. Why did uncle have it? Where did he buy it? Did they go on vacation? Was it work? :P ...& what's up with the lion in the middle of it? Looks like the Macedonian lion...but think it's lacking a crown. You can see for yourself. ^^ Crap pic as usual... ;P I love old things th


I 'm grateful I can smile, even though my body's in a lot of pain. That I can laugh in the midst of a terrifying situation. Even stand, walk & run, when all I wanna do is lay down & sleep. Grateful I can be a shoulder to cry on, even though I sure could need one too. But most of all I'm grateful that I have the ability to rise every single time I fall. Without leaning on someone. By just finding the strength within. Hope people recognize & are grateful for those qualities in me...& start smiling too. ;) B een in Scotland & took a bit too many pics btw. Sooo it's taking some time to sort through them...but I think I'll be finished in a couple of days. ^^ ...& I feel like I could explode these days! So full of ideas! But don't really find the stuff needed to create all of them. Really annoying. BUT thank the gods for pen & paper! :P At least I can scribble it all down. Love the world's kinda happy, light & tingly


I 'm tired of getting invites at 6 am to small cultural events by clueless ppl parading around like art-horny roosters thinking they're oooh soooo suave. Wearing a beret & using big words like picturesque & so forth isn't synonymous with being either intellectual nor cultural. It's just a pretentious grand scheme to get some tail. Nothing more, nothing less. If I want to go to an event of some sorts I'll go. But not with ppl like that! Damn I wanna take the beret & shove it up their sphincters. Then strangle them slowly with their fancy scarves just for waking me up!!!

Another notch in the wheel of time.

Here we are yet again...the autumnal equinox. Where the day & night is in perfect balance. I love this time of year! Everything changes so fast...& not a day is the same as the other. :) Been at my grandma's this past weekend. & if I'd find the stuuuupid thingy that gets the pictures into my computer I would show you some pics...but nope. So I'll post them later. My little sister decided to have her family birthday there...sooo I had to tag along. :) Was nice spending time with our cousins. Blabbing about odds & ends. :) But the best thing was to see my grandma again. :) She's so tiiiiiiny! ...& she kept on asking who I was. :P & that I was veeeery pretty & had nice teeth & hair! :P She even thought it was good that I didn't have a fiance...that I was freeeee! "Too many young girls just jumps into relationships without figuring out who they really are." :P Never thought I'd hear those words from that lady...but then a

Life is good!

I've purposely held off from writing anything till I got the results from the hospital. & my doctor called today & gave me two thumbs up. Nothing wrong with my kidneys! I'm happier than a playboy bunny! (I keep on saying that don't I? ...but it's true. :P) So I'm on a little less medication now...& ready to conquer the world. Well... Baby steps at least. :) I've had major nightmares about my doctor telling me I have a rare kind of cancer. Woke up balling my eyes out, covered in sweat. NOT what I'd call a particularly good morning. It made me think of my brother. Actually think I've been guilty that an amazing creature like him is gone & I'm still here. Some part of me have wanted to suffer like  him. Maybe even been longing for death. But I know & have known for a long time that the only way to honor his life is to live my the fullest. :) When you're sick there's not much you can do...but now that I'm s


Image's the beginning of 'next week' & I LOVE banana mango yoghurt! :P Just tasted it & was definitively yummy in my tummy! ...all the candles are lit & I'm listening to The Pretty Reckless. When I went outside this morning I got a whiff of autumn. I  ran upstairs, opened the windows & put on the kettle...then crawled back under the covers with a cup of tea & an interior mag. :P Oooh yeah I like it when that warm cosy feeling creeps up inside me. ;P Hehe.  Got a new/old bike this summer. With the basket in front & it's black & looovely. :P I even use a helmet. xD I look like a giant black mushroom...but it's alright. I don't wanna be one of them who bitch about others not using a helmet in traffic & then become one of them. I'll rather look slightly in need of support wheels. o.O I've used it to the beach, store & just for recreation. & I must say that my stamina is really not what it used to b

Mamma dearest...

This is a birthday present for my mum. Her hallway was just wood...wood everywhere! & it swallowed any light that entered. She really  hated the green I chose. It was the darkest one on the "olive branch". Reminded me of a military olive'ish kinda green. & I basically told her to zip it & trust me. :P The pics I have are really crap. Cause my cell was full of pics & they kinda get smaller as I take save some room. :P But I really don't care. :) It is what it is...& so on. ;P Her door shouldn't really have been used as a front door in my opinion. Cause I think it's more of a cellar kinda thing. BUT we have to make the most out of what we have...sooo I painted it white. Then took a cheap ass frame she had laying around & nailed it to the inside of her door. :) Painted that white also...then put up her favorite knocker. She got it in Greece a lifetime ago...& she loves it. So why not put it up somewhere? :) She also li

Summer is gone...

B een a while since I've written anything now. Had a pretty unusual summer...seemed more like a really long autumn really. But I'm not complaining. I love autumn! :) This summer I've been healing myself. I've also helped my mum out with her place. Took a few pics of it so as soon as I get them sorted I'll put them out. I've gone swimming, ripped my pants (fatfatfat), licked some sun. & even met rude old people who think they have the right to get in front of the matter where they are. & I don't really care if they are disabled or whatnot...if you act like a huge piece of turd you most likely ARE one. & I'll treat you accordingly. :) I've also gotten bloody tired of people telling me what music I need to listen too. I like what I like! I can listen to metal, classical & pop. It doesn't make me any less...or more...of whatever I am. :) Music can lift you out of a hole...& it can ground you if needed. So I'm usin

Persona non grata

I'm really trying to stay on the light & happy road...but when things like this happens I'm racing through scorched valleys in seconds.  My mum came crying through the door today. She had told the wee ones in the family that she might be coming on a surprise visit...but I really don't think she had this in mind. Cause she had the whole day planned. Drive over to sweden to buy some cheap food & our favorite treats, then drive back & surprise us with a nice & happy family day. Instead some retarded fuck decided to steal her bag while she was packing her groceries. She looked away for a couple of seconds & it was gone. The people beside her hadn't even noticed it. Some ran out to look for it...but the thief was gone. She got really upset & wanted to call home...but not many people where willing to help her in that department. o.O I mean...a lousy phone call so she could block her cards or call a loved one?! Is that so difficult? What have people tur

Minister shminister.

Norway's Minister of Defence is in Afghanistan to take home 4 of our soldiers that died in combat. I think that's honorable & they deserve nothing less. BUT my reaction to the article in the newspaper VG  this morning got completely overshadowed by the fact that it looked like a housewife of some sorts had bewildered herself into  Mazar-e Sharif. The way she was dressed is DISRESPECTFUL - both to the deceased & the country she's in. Not to mention she's the Minister of Defence. Shouldn't that alone have made her think about what message she wanna get through? I don't think she would meet heads of state in a vacation why the f**k isn't she showing our soldiers the same respect?! ...embarrassing.

Midsummer's eve

I'll seek a four-leaved shamrock in all thy fairy dells, And if I find the charmed leaves, oh, how I'll weave my spells! ~S. L. Just wanted to wish everyone an amazing midsummer's eve. ^^ My broom with its tufts of roses beckoning at the black, with its crown of thistles, prickling the sky, with its carved crescents winking silverly at Diana, with its thick brush of peacock feathers sweeping the night, with its triangle of glinting fur.   I ride over the roofs of doom. I ride while he thinks me safe in our bed. My forehead he thinks that scraggly other broom, my hips that staff, my sex that stump of blackthorn & of twine.   Ah, I will ride over the skies - orange as apricots slashed red with pomegranate clouds - He will think me safe in our bed. He will think I fear such fabulous flight.   It is his bed I fear! I will burn the clouds with my marvelous broom. I will catch Persep