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Amazing sunrise on sunday morning. Golden ray's bursting through my bedroom window kinda framed the painting hanging over my bed...& the dreamcatcher filled the room with tiny rainbows. Even the moon granted me with it's presence...or maybe I should say crescent. ;) Love the dawn...curling up in a corner of my bed with a cup of tea just staring out. :)

I'm in love with these...
After a late breakfast I popped my head out the window & saw a cessna flew above the island. I thiiiink it was a single engine skyhawk of some sorts. Looked brand new when I was stalking it with my telescope. :p Hmm...if it wasn't this cold outside I would've said it's spring. :) Mmm... There's something about the sound of a plane that soothes me. Probably cause my dad was a pilot for many years. So I feel really safe when I hear a fighter plane roar in the distance. That reminds me, where the heck's my grey stuffed bunny?!?! :( I used to bring that to the military base. :( I want it back! ...damn. When I look at the plane up there it reminds me of a promise I made get my pilot license! I soooo wanna fly my own 350 Corvalis or maybe even an amphibian? ...hmmm. Land on a lake somewhere, have a picnic & fly home again. :P Aaaaaah blizzful thinking! :D  

Everytime my birthday closes in I always think about growing up...& how all of my experiences made me who I am today. I remember making rosewater from the rose bushes in the garden, writing my first grimoir in my tiny pink Minnie Mouse notebook, cutting off all my long blonde hair & hiding it under the carpet so that my mum wouldn't notice. o.O Not the sharpes knife in the drawer ey? :P Oooh, & being let looooose in the big scary world with my dad's new girlfriend...I do recollect very looovely scenery passing by on a train heading for England...& a young woman setting out on a bumpy journey with me, that still hasn't ended. It's a bit smoother now though. ;) ...& I'm so so so happy about that. She's one of the most lovely, outspoken, honest, inspiring & funny people I know. Plus she accepts you for who you are...& that means the world to me. :) Then there's the whole "white to black"-period of mine. Piercings, more & more metal, black clothes, know what I mean. ;) I kinda found myself back then...& I wouldn't change it for the world. Even though I've been through a lot in my lifetime...I wouldn't wanna change anything...cause if I start the "regret or forget -route" I'll never appreciate the things I've been given. All the travels, meeting interresting people, doing the most gobsmacking things...unbelievable, adventurous, mind-boggling experiences. I'm more than grateful. But I still yearn for more though...& I don't think that makes me a bad creature, just still open for more experiences...finally open for life.


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