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I wish everyone an icy shade of blue moon whilst crawlin' into the new year. I'll fill you in on how the evenin' went in the mornin'...& in the meantime stay safe, don't start the new year with being a perfect moron. I do admit that once in a while life deals you the dumb-ass card...but it doesn't mean you have to flaunt it. Just be with the ones you love..or at least care slightly about. :p & don't make 2010 the year you need to be #1. 24/7...just be the best 'you' you can be. Isn't that enough for you...take up knitting or something. Cheers! 


Happy holidays everyone!!!


Mhmm! 31 years young. ;D Hey, when they still ask me for an ID when I'm at the liquor store I consider myself as still blessed by the fountain of youth. ;P Hehe.. .

Babble babble...

A mazing sunrise on sunday morning. Golden ray's bursting through my bedroom window kinda framed the painting hanging over my bed...& the dreamcatcher filled the room with tiny rainbows. Even the moon granted me with it's presence...or maybe I should say crescent. ;) Love the dawn...curling up in a corner of my bed with a cup of tea just staring out. :) I'm in love with these... A fter a late breakfast I popped my head out the window & saw a cessna flew above the island. I thiiiink it was a single engine skyhawk of some sorts. Looked brand new when I was stalking it with my telescope. :p Hmm...if it wasn't this cold outside I would've said it's spring. :) Mmm... There's something about the sound of a plane that soothes me. Probably cause my dad was a pilot for many years. So I feel really safe when I hear a fighter plane roar in the distance. That reminds me, where the heck's my grey stuffed bunny?!?! :( I used to bring that to the milita

I guess it's time to give this blog thing a go again...

*Shite pic...but a mighty tasty beverage. ;)* T hese past 6 months been really hard. Never been so sick in my life. I know, I's people out there worse off than me. But when Hel comes knocking you don't really tend to invite her in for some din-din & a chat about the yesteryears now do yah? ;) You just gather all your strenght & shoo that sucker away. But in the middle of everything that's going on you feel extremely isolated. The part in you that wants to reach out & ask for a calm haven to lay your head down also the one struggling the hardest to keep you alert. I've been baffled how peoples reactions been. How is it even remotely possible that they get insulted & make your struggles about themselves? I can see that people want to be included...but for what cost? ...& even weirder is it how people confuse strength & perseverance with being cold & self-centered. Does anyone these days ever just see things as they a