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Pride & prejudice

Imagine something bestial like a rape happens to you… It’s instantly accepted by people as truth, everyone embraces you, looks after you & come to your defence. Your voice is deemed strong & your story is heard by the masses. Now imagine it happening to someone else… The assailant turns out to be an immigrant who can’t speak the language properly, has chosen not to integrate & are clearly living at odds with the law. Might’ve come from a country of war & are mentally disturbed, but still, the rape happened. You start questioning immigration laws, if integration is what it ought to be, mental health screening, etc. & you express that. This time those same people ask for proof of the incident, they embrace & defend the rapist, they call you racist & attack your behaviour. Your voice is silenced & your story is not worthy of attention. 
I’m wondering how things similar to that comes to light? How come one voice is more valid than another? No matter the expe…
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Dark ages

Had a lot of stuff running through the old noggin today, been writing it all down too. But, the weekend’s upon us, & frankly - I’d rather show what I’ve been up to today instead… Not the best picture, but here you go:

I've had this desk for many years now. Bought it at a place called Høyvekta Brukthandel, a second hand shop with antiques & other bits & bobs, this was back when it was located on Jeløya. The desk had a weird brownish colour when I got it & stupid me painted it white, & it's been like that until now. Had this huge plan of sanding it down & getting it back to its former wooden glory, but nah... Had some blackboard paint left & voila. Would never ever do that to a piece I was about to sell though. If I'm redesigning or refurbishing stuff it gets sanded down & the whole shabang. Just can't be bothered with my own stuff, then it's all about instant gratification. 

It always feels nice to have a brush in hand. Being creative i…

Patriarchy's honing in.

Scrolling through social media makes me realise that the world’s being dry humped by people with borderline personality disorders. Seriously, who the hell takes pictures of their blood soaked pads & post it online?! Get a f**king grip & some damn self respect while you’re at it.

No, I'm not shocked. What I am is rather nauseated actually. Plus it’s this relentless man bashing going on at the same time that aggravates me. If they’re so appalled by men & can’t stand to be around them, then why not smear the menstruation blood all over their face? Let’s name it Modern feminist war paint…my guess is that it’ll take care of that problem all by itself. Hell, why not go all the way while they’re at it & smear their own sh*t over the rest of their bodies? Even better, let’s bottle that crap up & call it: Man Repellant. It’s organic & fresh! They can bring it everywhere & just lather it on whenever they feel the patriarchy’s honing in on them. 
I always grew up se…

Halo, is it me you're looking for?

Something happened on my brother’s birthday, or what would’ve been his birthday back in May. I’ve never seen anything like it. Was driving home after a couple of hours shopping with my mum…& as always I tried to get a few pictures of the scenery (Nooo, I wasn’t the one driving). Suddenly I looked towards the sun & I saw the most amazing sight. 

Beautiful, right? I just jumped out the car when we got back to the house & went straight out in the street. Got really excited, type fangirl my neighbours across the street came & looked at it too. They probably thought I was more of a weirdo than I already seem to be, but who cares, I'll bring out the nerd any day for something as gorgeous as that solar halo! Told my mum that it was a pretty neat gift to be blessed with on such a day. You can see more pics & video of it here

My mum had a birthday yesterday & I wish I could’ve been there, felt really shitty staying home. But hopefully I get to see her s…


Been waaay past 30C here today & I haven’t done much to be honest. Pottered around in the garden & tried to stay hydrated, so not much to report really.
I was going to walk a little in the evening, but luckily my neighbour came running after me & invited me to her house. She has an AC & it was kinda like walking out of Mount Doom & into Fimbulwinter. Exaggerating of course. ;) 
I like talking with her, she's got such a warm personality, inquisitive, very sharp & witty, never a dull moment. I love how she talks about the life she had with her husband & how proud she is of her children. It's like being around my grandmothers again...& like her, they always showed me how to appreciate the simple things in life. So eat that bowl of strawberries & remember to pour a little extra vanilla sauce over it... Then go for a stroll around the neighbourhood. Except when the weather's a tad hellish, then seek refuge at the nearest cold spot.
The rai…


My dad, accompanied by my son, came bearing gifts yesterday. A sunlounger & a big table that he built. Can’t wait to put it up somewhere in the garden. It makes such a huge difference having a good sized table outside. Great place to gather. Not that I have many people over anymore, but still hoping that'll change someday.
That’s actually the second sunlounger I’ve gotten lately. (A sign that I should get my pale body some colour maybe? ...naaah.) My sweet, sweet neighbour gave me a retro one a few weeks ago. Which made me extremely happy, plus it took me back to when I was little... We used to have those with us to the beach, orange floral pattern & all. I know I say this a lot, but damn I miss the sea… It's like I can smell it & hear it whenever I close my eyes. 
Aaaanyway, getting these things just made me think about the exterior state of my house. It’s a work in progress, to say the least. Plus me being on snail pace doesn’t really help progress either. But, my …


According to Egyptian lore hearts were weighed against Maat’s feather in the Hall of Two truths. So your fate was based on whether or not the scale tipped. If it didn’t, you had led a righteous life & could join paradise... If it did your heart was devoured by Ammit & you spent eternity in the underworld…

I sometimes wonder how heavy the hearts are of many on social media. Today I’ve read a lot about how right leaners are somehow gloating about the Norwegian journalist Kadafi Zaman (of Pakistani descent) that are jailed in Pakistan… All because the left had said that Tommy Robinson deserved to go to jail, cause he broke the law. So basically a lot of same coin different side blablabla. I understand the reactions, but shouldn’t the main concern here be that governments are shutting down free speech & the freedom of the press? That elections are being doctored & people who are speaking up against it are systematically shut down? 
But you know what? I find it even more conc…